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A talent community providing cybersecurity training and job placement, attracting the brightest technical talent in the country.  HackEd provides top companies with a new source of job-ready cybersecurity talent.  There are no fees to recruit from our 6 week intensive program.



Situated in our nation’s capital, HackEd is a 6 week, intensive hands-on-keyboard cybersecurity training, certification and job placement program.  HackEd has become very competitive, with just 10-15 spots in each cohort. We identify technical professionals with 90% of the necessary technical and soft skills and provide them with the final 10% required for successful careers in cybersecurity.  We then help our participants earn industry-recognized certifications and introduce them to employers that are hiring cybersecurity talent.


Our goal is to graduate professionals who are trained and ready to make an immediate impact in SOC/NOC Administration, Vulnerability Assessment, Forensics, Incident Response and Penetration Testing roles.  Many of our candidates are suited for client-facing consultant or program manager roles.


We invite our employer partners to recruit from our program and  support them with the sourcing, vetting, training, and certifications, allowing them to focus on the interviewing and hiring.  Our aim is to provide our hiring partners with job ready candidates who are trained to secure a company network from day one.  See the ‘Our Services’ section for our additional sourcing and training solutions.

Work with your peers in a stimulating environment as you prepare for your next career move.

Learn from industry professionals and develop a comprehensive view of the cybersecurity field.

Showcase your skills to hiring managers and grow your professional network.

Enhance your technical skills and reach professional development milestones.

Collaborate with other professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.


This is not a comfortable academic program.  This is not online learning.  This is not a course on cybersecurity policy.  This is an immersive, hands-on-keyboard training operation, where you will start to develop new skills on our proprietary corporate network on Day One.


Each quarterly training operation is divided into 6 week-long modules.  During the first half of the course, you will focus on offense, and then turn to defense during the second half. The course culminates in a Capture-the-Flag competition in which participants attack and defend simultaneously.  Each quarter, our curriculum is updated and a new Operation is developed.


You are encouraged to pursue certifications at the 2 week (Security+), 4 week (CEH- Certified Ethical Hacker) and 6 week mark (OSCP- Offensive Security Certified Professional).  During the program, you will develop and write your own tools, contribute to your Github repository, and participate in different bug bounty programs.  You will meet industry-leading SMEs, participate in team challenges and grow your personal and professional networks.  Our goal is to open the door into the cybersecurity field for you and help you leave here with your next job as a cybersecurity professional.


Spring Cohort, 2017


Our curriculum is developed by Tyrone Wilson, Bud Roth, Daniel Ross, Rachel Winchester, and Peter Kim, author of “The Hacker Playbook” series.  Peter and Tyrone are talented penetration testers with a passion for teaching, Rachel is a creative game designer with an Intelligence background, and Dan and Bud are experts in cryptography and reverse engineering.


Our curriculum is gamified and you will train as an ‘operative’ on one of our training operations.  These operations are modeled after recent hacks in the news, and you will work on teams to find solutions.  Our games are designed to introduce real-world scenarios, promote team building, develop hands-on-keyboard experience, and keep you on your toes and thinking outside of the box.  Each operation is different and may incorporate elements of corporate espionage, cyber war, national security, political intrigue, and more.  One operation, ‘Comrade Enigma,’ is based on the Sony Pictures hack of 2014.



Are you interested in hacking, reversing malware, forensics, or incident response, but don't know how to turn this passion into a career?  Security professionals come from all walks of life.  Some have college degrees, and many are self-taught.  Regardless of your education and background, there is a place for you here. We are looking for candidates with most of the following attributes:

You may apply to our upcoming 6 week immersive and get more info on additional courses by clicking 'APPLY NOW'.  The deadline to apply to our Summer Session (June 5th - July 14th) is May 12th, and decisions will be issued shortly thereafter.  The deadline to apply to our Fall session (September 5th - October 13th) is August 1st, and decisions will be issued on August 5th. Apply today. And if you don’t get in this time, we’ll keep your info stored so that it’s easy to apply next time.  Good luck!


Note: YOur employer partners actively recruit from our quarterly 6 week programs, so you will be asked to indicate your job and geographic preferences on your application. If you are not interested in finding a new job, you are not eligible for the 6 week program. If you cannot commit to a full-time 6 week program, be sure to take advantage of our additional course offerings, meetups and webinars. Email us at for details.




    The program is taught in a modern space overlooking the Potomac at 1776, in Arlington, Virginia, minutes from Washington, DC.  Lunch is provided twice weekly on premises, which is right near the Crystal City metro station (served by the Blue and Yellow lines). Parking is available in the building.  Check out 1776 at


    You are welcome to find your own accommodation with friends, family, AirBnb, Homeaway, or in another short-term rental.  We have negotiated a nightly rate with a nearby modern hotel in the range of $79/night single or $150/night shared.  Upon acceptance, let us know if you would like to consider this option. We can also facilitate a roommate match with other students if desired.


    The 6, 3 and 1 week in-person, hands-on-keyboard programs are taught from 9:00am-12:00pm and then work in our lab environments begins in the afternoon.  You will have 24/7 access to our space. You will not be able to hold a job while attending our 6 week immersive.

  • WHY DC?

    DC has more cybersecurity talent and resources than any other city in the world.



    Decisions are issued one month before the start of the training operation.



    Certainly.  You may apply as many times as you like.


    We run 6, 3 and 1 week full-time and evening programs every quarter.  Our upcoming Summer and Fall courses begin on June 5th and September 5th.  Follow us on Twitter (@hackeducate) for updates on dates, deadlines and new course offering and locations, etc.



If you are able to get into the program, and you’re willing to spend 6 weeks with us, you’ll leave here able and ready to enter an organization and secure the network from Day One.  You’ll grow your professional network and make new friends.  You’ll learn how to break things. You’ll capture a bunch of flags. You’ll leave here ready for a career in cybersecurity.  If you cannot commit to a full-time 6 week program, are gainfully employed already, or just want to take your tinkering a step further, be sure to take advantage of our additional course offerings.  Click 'APPLY NOW' to request more information.


While you’re with us, you’ll gain exposure to a variety of companies that are interested in hiring you.  You’ll hear from industry professionals and SMEs who will tell you what to expect in your first security job.  You’ll also be part of a growing community of talented alumni and advisors with diverse IT and business backgrounds.


We don’t care if you’re 18 or 65, whether you went to college or not, and most employers in this field don’t either.  They want to see that you have the skills for the job.  Apply now by clicking on the link below.  See you in DC.










Hire from the program

Are you tired of headhunting and ready to find fresh talent? Save money and time by letting us handle the labor-intensive sourcing, technical vetting, training, and industry certifications on your behalf.  We admit just 1-2% of applicants and train them to be job-ready from Day One.

Dedicated Pipeline Development

Do you have many cybersecurity openings?  Let HackEd identify and screen candidates based on your requirements, and then put candidates through a custom track with a curriculum tailored to your company's needs.  By shifting the labor-intensive marketing/vetting/training process to us, this is a low-impact opportunity to make 10-20 job-ready hires each quarter with candidates not currently in your pipeline.

Recruiting & Staffing

Recruiting for top talent?  Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us conduct a search for candidates in our applicant pool and in our wider network and community.  Our recruiting team will perform the sourcing and screening and our technical team will handle the preliminary technical vetting.  Our process sets you up for strong interviews and a quicker time-to-hire.


HackEd is committed to providing the best possible learning experience to our students and a new and creative recruiting approach to our hiring partners.




Jon is focused on providing the best possible experience to both program participants and hiring partners alike. Prior to this, Jon co-founded The Data Incubator, a successful data science training program.  He managed the company’s expansion and built a talented partnerships team that attracted over 250 hiring partners.  Program alumni now work for top companies around the world.




Author of “The Hacker Playbook” series.  Peter has worked as a penetration tester and incident responder for the utility, entertainment, financial, and government sectors.”  He is passionate about teaching and runs LETHAL, one of the country's largest ethical hacker meetup groups.





Tyrone E. Wilson is an Information Security professional with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. As an information systems analyst for the Army, Wilson developed security structures to ensure American intelligence systems were protected from foreign threats. Wilson is also the organizer of the world’s largest cybersecurity meetup group, “D.C. Cyber Security Professionals,” with over 3500 professionals. Tyrone is passionate about teaching and helping people transition into the Industry.




Jason is a business strategy consultant, investor, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for companies with a social mission. He is also a Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Techstars and Director for their Startup Next DC program that is supporting early-stage cyber security companies.

Julie Mosallem



Julie is focused on establishing and supporting our partnerships with employers and with our community.  She has a background in IT analysis and recruiting, and she possesses a passion for learning new technologies and tools.  Julie is excited to be blazing the trail for aspiring cybersecurity talent.



Rachel and her team are focused on placing participants into great jobs and helping companies identify top talent.  A veteran HR professional with 15 years experience, she has worked in staffing, recruiting, internal HR, and consulting.  When she isn’t at the office, she’s probably watching a yankees game.



Tobias Mccurry is a top penetration tester, with over over 15 years’ experience in different areas of IT. Tobias specializes in identifying vulnerabilities that have been previously unidentified. He works to lower client risk by evaluating and mitigating critical vulnerabilities. Tobias has published in the SANS Reading Room, Hacker Academy, and the Infosec Institute. He holds a B.S in Computer Science and is pursuing Master of Science in Information Security Engineering with SANS. He maintains multiple industry certifications.

Bud Roth


Bud is a senior leader with security clearance and 25 years' experience with the SEC, DOD, and Deloitte.  He is also fluent in Japanese and holds a black belt in Judo.

Daniel Ross


Dan is a PhD mathematician with engineering experience at Google.  He has experience with machine learning and cryptography, and is most passionate about exploit development.





Katie is  passionate about stopping evolving cyber threats from thwarting innovation. She has experience in conducting cybersecurity maturity assessments and authoring enterprise-wide incident management strategies. Katie also has extensive experience with startups through Startup Weekend, Techstars, and Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group.



Nicole Shadowen is a technical solutions architect by training, and has worked with startups in San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New York City. Nicole is pursuing her M.S. in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity at John Jay College, earned her B.S. in psychology from the University of Virginia. She is passionate about bringing new people into the industry, especially women and minorities.



Nick is a digital markets analyst, social media strategist, and visual design consultant. He has a background in politics, economics, and journalism, but decided to apply his creative passions and marketing skills to building up the tech industry.

Jonathan Benjamin


As HackEd’s Community Manager, Jonathan is focused on ensuring everything runs smoothly. Jonathan developed a passion for cybersecurity while pursuing his degrees in psychology and criminology, and he has furthered this interest with certificates in terrorism and cybersecurity. He has worked as a cybersecurity analyst for Deloitte.



Rachel Winchester has worked for and with the US Intelligence Community for 18 years, where she is an innovation expert and a futurist. She has served in multiple overseas posts in positions ranging from support to counter-terrorism. Rachel’s current work applies training, facilitation, narrative, and game design to intelligence. She writes for the Center for the Study of Intelligence and her blog on hacking is the second most popular blog on the IC's secure network. Rachel is behind the gamification of HackEd’s curriculum.

Workforce Development & Training

Are you looking for ways to reward and retain your existing cybersecurity team?  Help keep your team up-to-date with industry best practices and ensure your current infrastructure is in good hands.  Our hands-on-keyboard training can be delivered as a seven-week intensive, or in week-long modules.  Our content is customizable and can be delivered onsite, offsite, or remotely.  Our training is entirely skills-oriented and participants work in Sentinel™, our proprietary lab environment.


Curriculum Licensing

Is your school, company, or organization looking for curriculum to teach your members?  It is expensive and labor-intensive to develop and maintain a corporate network that is riddled with vulnerabilities.  By licensing our curriculum and our proprietary Sentinel™ lab environment, your program can be up and running quickly.  As a cloud-based managed service, we handle the updates and maintenance so that you can focus on teaching.






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